Health Tips: Excess of banana can make you ill, know its side effects

Health Tips: Banana is one such fruit which is liked by people of all ages. Most of the youth like to eat banana even after gym. By now you must have heard about the benefits of banana. Banana is delicious as well as nutritious, but do you know that there are some disadvantages of its excessive intake. Which you must know about. If you take bananas after taking care of these things, then you can avoid many troubles.

Banana Side Effects

  1. Excess of banana can prove fatal to your body. If you face regular migraine problem then in such a situation you should stay away from banana consumption. This fruit contains a substance called Tyramine which can increase the pain of migraine.
  2. Bananas are high in potassium. In such a situation, excessive potassium may be present in the blood due to its excessive intake, which can result in hyperkalemia. At the same time, in some cases it can also be the cause of a heart attack. Bananas are very high in starch, so consuming bananas can also cause tooth problems. In such a situation, it should be consumed in limited quantity.
  3. Some people may be allergic to bananas. In such a situation, people who are suffering from allergy problem should avoid its intake. You can consult your doctor in this regard.
  4. Excess of banana intake can cause weight gain. If you are on weight loss then you should not consume it. In today’s era, excess weight has become a cause of trouble for the people.
  5. According to experts, even people with acidity and constipation problems should not eat bananas. This can increase the gas problem. It should not be eaten under this condition.
  6. Bananas are low in protein, so if you consume them excessively, then there may be a risk of weakening the muscles. You can take the advice of experts in this regard.

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