Health Tips: Excessive consumption of Tulsi can cause health damage, may be heavy

Health Tips: Tulsi is full of medicinal properties. Consuming Tulsi provides many health benefits. Religiously, Tulsi is worshiped in homes. People drink tea or decoction of basil in cold and cold. Tulsi is a panacea in cold and cold. But excessive intake of Tulsi can harm your body. Let’s know about it in detail ..

Losses from basil
Risk of low blood sugar: If you are taking medicines to reduce blood sugar level then do not consume Tulsi, because Tulsi reduces blood sugar. Consuming Tulsi can harm your body.

During surgery: Basil should not be consumed during surgery. Consumption of basil in excess can slow down the process of blood clotting. In this case, the risk of bleeding may increase at the time of surgery.

Stomach irritation: Excessive consumption of basil can cause severe burning sensation in the stomach. Because the basil is hot. Tulsi should be consumed in limited quantity.

Blood thinner: Excessive consumption of basil can cause the blood of the body to become thin. Which can prove to be a big threat to the body.

Heart Rate: Excessive intake of Tulsi can increase the heart rate. Due to eugenol in basil, there may be mouth blisters and dizziness.

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