Health Tips: Guava leaf is beneficial for your health, know what are the benefits

Health Tips: The winter season is going on. Guava is the most visible fruit in the market in this season. Guava is also preferred for the nutrients found in it. Along with the fruit of guava, its leaves are also used to treat many diseases.

Yes, guava leaves are very beneficial in health due to their medicinal properties. Commonly, people use it in home remedies for diabetes, diarrhea, toothache, increased cholesterol, and cold cough. Actually guava leaves are full of anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and antioxidant. Due to which it is used in the treatment of many diseases.

Beneficial in diabetes

Consuming guava fruit is beneficial for diabetes patient. Along with this, due to its properties, guava leaf also proves helpful in keeping the sugar level under control in the body. Most doctors recommend diabetic patients to drink guava leaves as well as tea. With this, sudden low glycemic index sugar level can be reduced in the body.

To remove the stench of the mouth

Guava leaves are also used to remove odor emanating from the mouth. Continuous use of guava leaves can be overcome by diseases related to the mouth. Applying this paste on the face and skin also improves the appearance. The paste of guava leaves removes pimples from the face and also cleans the oil stored on the face.

Effective in cold and cough

A large amount of nitamin C is found in guava leaves. Due to which the immunity of the body can be increased to a great extent. Boiling the leaves of guava in water with black pepper and cloves is very beneficial. At the same time, juice of guava leaves keeps throat and lungs clean.

Cholesterol lowering

Like the fruit of guava, its leaves are rich in vitamins, protein and minerals. Due to which the fiber present in guava leaf can reduce the increased cholesterol in the body.

Relieve toothache

If you have a toothache, you can chew one or two leaves of guava twice a day. By doing this, the juice extracted from the guava leaf helps a lot in relieving your toothache. Along with this, you can get rid of your mouth blisters and swelling of the gums as well.

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