Health Tips: If you also consume bananas, then know the harm caused by it

Health Tips: Banana is such a fruit that almost everybody eats with hobbies. Banana is the most eaten and liked in the whole world. Banana is not only sweet in taste but it is also effective in controlling blood pressure, preventing asthma and cancer. It also has many benefits. However, if anything is eaten in large quantities it can prove to be harmful for our body. So let’s know what can be the harm of eating bananas in large quantities.

Banana increases fat
There can be many health concerns such as weight gain if you consume bananas in excess. If banana is consumed in high quantity then it produces extra fat in our body which can prove to be harmful for our health. If you are against weight gain, then banana can be very helpful for you.

Harmful for diabetes patients
Banana contains natural sugar. If you take it in excess, it can harm you, which can prove fatal for a diabetes patient.

Harmful to Asthma Patients
Individuals who have asthma should avoid consuming bananas in their diet.

How many bananas is good to eat daily?
If you sweat a lot in the gym or do running then you can eat 3-4 bananas a day. But if you do not do anything like this, then you can eat only 1-2 bananas a day.

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