Health Tips: If you are a tea lover, know these big losses

Tea Side Effect: If you too are crazy about tea, then be alert. Yes, the tea that calms the heart can do many kinds of damage to your health. If you drink limited quantity of tea, then you can get freshness inside. But drinking too much also has its disadvantages. You must have heard of loss of appetite or sleeplessness after drinking your tea. But excessive intake can also cause health problems. Can damage the stomach, intestines, heart. So let’s know about the harm caused by drinking tea‚Ķ

Can be harmful for stomach
Many people also have their morning tea. They do not get up from their beds without drinking tea. But tea should not be drunk on an empty stomach. Drinking tea on an empty stomach can be harmful to the body. Due to which many diseases can also arise.

May affect the intestines
Drinking tea can cause many problems and overeating tea also affects the intestines. The bowels go bad. There are problems in digestion.

Acidity is caused by drinking more tea
Drinking more than four or five times a day increases acidity in the stomach and blisters also occur in the mouth due to heating.

Effect on heartbeat
The tea with which your heart gets relief. But that tea can be harmful for your heart health. Drinking more tea increases heart rate and can increase the chances of heart diseases.

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