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Health tips: If you are fond of eating dishes made of fine flour, be careful, know the damage caused by it

White flour or white flour, which is eaten in the passion of white bread and waxed paratha, is considered harmful for human health. The white flour undergoes several stages to form the appearance of maida. During refining, nutritious ingredients like semolina and fiber are removed for human health. After that white flour is called maida. Its use has negative effects on health. White flour is eaten as roti, paratha, double roti, burger, pizza, pasta and momo.

How to prepare white flour ie maida?
With its use, issues like increase in cholesterol level, constipation, liver affect, obesity, indigestion and disturbances of the digestive system are highlighted. According to experts, whole flour, which is called mill flour in common language, should be used because a large amount of dietary fiber is found inside it. As a result of using mill flour, the digestive system is better, which also has a positive effect on overall health. Other minerals and vitamins taken with food are better digested with the use of mill flour.

Negative effects of eating white flour
White flour is ‘acidic in nature’ i.e. acidic properties, the use of which increases the risk of acidity. Due to its late digestion, it also has a negative effect on the health of the stomach and intestines. According to experts, eating calcium-rich foods such as fast food and white flour starts calcium secretion from bones, due to which arthritis and joint pain become common in old age.

The absence of fiber in white flour causes fear of diseases like constipation, headache and depression. Significantly, white, refined flour is included in processed food, from which many beneficial ingredients are removed. Bleaching is also included to give refined flour a white color, due to which the use of white flour can prove dangerous for human health.

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