Health Tips: If you do not eat non-veg, then you will complete protein deficiency, know this food

For those who do not eat chicken or any kind of non-veg, the biggest concern is what to eat so that they get protein. Please tell that men need 56 grams of protein daily. At the same time, women’s body needs 46 grams of protein daily. Protein works for the growth and repair of cells. So let’s know what things you can take to complete protein deficiency.

If you do not eat non-veg, then this food will complete protein deficiency

Spinach – 30 grams of protein in a cup of spinach
Cauliflower- 70 grams in a cup of cabbage
Broccoli – 91 grams in a cup of broccoli
Cauliflower – 100 grams in a medium-sized cabbage
Mushrooms – 103 grams in a cup of white mushrooms
Green peas – 1 cup – 7.9 grams of protein
Chole – half cup – 7.3 grams
Rajma – 1 cup – 13 grams
Dry fruits – a handful – 5-6 grams
Boiled green soybeans – quarter cup – 8.4 grams
Tofu – ½ cup – 20 grams
Quinova – 1 cup – 8 grams
Chia seed – two tablespoons – 4.7 grams
Sweetened cocoa powder – 1 tablespoon – 1 gram

Other protein-rich foods
Peanuts are a very good source of protein. Peanuts can be consumed in any way in the diet. Whether it sprouts or roasts.
You can make Moong dal or black gram sprouts. Sprouts contain a lot of protein.
Products made from soy are also a good source of protein. Soya Paneer and Soya Badiya can also be eaten.
Take food containing milk, curd and cheese.

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