Health Tips: If you want to avoid a deadly disease like cancer, then include these things in the diet today

Cancer is one of the most serious diseases. A person suffering from cancer struggles between life and death. In such a situation, everyone thinks that somehow this serious disease does not come into the clutches. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about some foods that reduce the risk of cancer.

– If you want to reduce the risk of cancer, then eat green vegetables in food. Especially cauliflower and broccoli must be consumed. These green vegetables destroy cancer cells.

– By eating fruits, your health is good. Eating fruits that get vitamin C and fiber can keep your health healthy and reduce the risk of cancer.

– Consumption of turmeric also reduces the risk of cancer. It is helpful in increasing the effect of chemotherapy.

-Adar is also helpful in protecting against the risk of cancer. Not only this, ginger proves helpful in the problems caused by chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

You will be surprised to know that garlic and onion also help to eliminate cancer. The sulfur compound present in it destroys the cells of the large intestine, the breast lung.

(This news has been written on the basis of research and beliefs. Before reaching any conclusion, please consult the doctor.)

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