Health Tips: Keep your sugar level in mind during Diwali, know how to safely taste sweets

New Delhi Diwali is an important festival which is celebrated all over the country. On the special occasion of Diwali, people enjoy having good food as well as having fun. Due to the epidemic this year, the festival can be celebrated with a little caution, especially for those who are suffering from any disease related to sugar or immunity.

Most people like to eat sweets on Diwali. At the same time it can be quite difficult for sugar patients to stay away from sweets, especially when there are only sweets near them. Many experts believe that during the festive season, it is necessary for the patients of sugar to be cautious, so as to avoid the post-Diwali effects. How the sugar patients can enjoy sweets during Diwali depends on the condition of the person.

This Diwali take care of your blood sugar level like this

1. Sugar patients can eat sweets, salted, fried and fatty foods in limited season. Natural sugar such as stevia or splenda can be a safe alternative to keep sugar levels under control.
2. Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol.
3. Avoid eating food at irregular times.
4. Fasting for a long time can lead to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and weakness, which can be harmful for patients with diabetes.
5. You can focus on physical health by doing some exercises like walking, swimming, cycling etc.

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