Health Tips: Know when not to use turmeric, carelessness can be expensive

Health Tips: Turmeric is a popular spice of Indian kitchen. Turmeric has amazing medicinal properties and is extremely beneficial in treating many health related diseases. By applying these wounds, the wounds heal quickly. It is helpful in treating knee pain and many other things including heart disease. But do you know that it can have some serious side effects too. Therefore, it should be consumed in limited quantities. It is generally considered completely safe as long as you do not consume it in large amounts. Let us know about the possible side effects of turmeric …

Pregnant women should not consume much

There is no doubt that turmeric is a great immunity booster. It is generally considered safe for pregnant women but it should be used in limited quantities. Consuming it in large amounts can promote menstruation or can be dangerous in pregnancy.

If you consume turmeric in excess then you may complain of constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, yellow stool and stomach ache. Turmeric contains a significant amount of oxalate. Consuming it in large amounts can increase the risk of developing gallstones.

If you are suffering from kidney stone problem then avoid consuming more turmeric. If you consume turmeric in limited quantity, it will help in providing many benefits to your health. However, if you have any kind of problem, please consult a doctor.

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