Health Tips: Leftover food can be harmful for your health, keep these things in mind

Health And Fitness: In the hectic life and busy lifestyle, we are not able to take care of our health. That’s why we are not able to pay proper attention to food and drink. Sometimes we get too lazy to cook fresh food for ourselves and eat cold food kept in the fridge. But this is very harmful for your health.

The food may not be spoiled in sight but it is very harmful for health. Bacteria and viruses thrive in cold food. Due to which bacteria cause a lot of damage to our body. This can lead to food poisoning and stomach problems. Vomiting can also be caused by eating such food.

Apart from this, you start having problems of dehydration later on and diarrhea can also happen. This type of problem is caused by eating spoiled food. Eating leftover food can make you constipated. Which affects your digestive system. Due to which there may be a problem like acidity in the body and then gas can be formed.

Most of the people cook food on high flame. Due to which there is deficiency of nutrients. After this, we keep the food in the refrigerator, due to which there is a lack of essential nutrients. People who already have acidity problem should avoid eating leftover food. Although this cannot be avoided in this busy lifestyle, but we should try that we finish the food within 48 hours.

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