Health tips: make this change in lifestyle, weight will be reduced and age will increase

People are becoming more obese and unfit in today’s lifestyle. Physical work has reduced a lot and one has to sit for hours working in the office. In such a situation, you will be surprised to know that the relation of weight is falling on your age as well. Many research has revealed that people who are obese are more prone to diabetes and heart diseases. The fatality rate of obese people is also higher than the thin ones. So if you want to live longer then you have to keep your weight under control. & Nbsp;

Now it is important to know when and why you gain weight. Actually, there are many reasons for weight gain. In general, the problem of obesity has been seen more in 30 to 40 years old people. In the middle age, people become obese due to hormones, lifestyle, wrong eating and low physical activity. If you keep weight down then diseases will stay away and your lifespan will also increase. To lose weight, you have to make some changes in your routine and lifestyle. & Nbsp;

Keep the correct balance in the field

If you keep balance in your diet then you can stay fit and healthy for a long time. For this, focus on eating first and include food in the diet that does not increase weight. For this, you have to make these 5 habits a part of your lifestyle. This will not cause you the problem of obesity.

1-Try to eat fresh homemade food. Include basic food items like fruits – vegetables, lentils, poultry, roti and rice in every meal. Avoid eating off the packets of the market.
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2- Eating food outside everyday increases the weight rapidly. Therefore, to keep weight under control, avoid eating outside food. Fast food increases weight gain. Yes there is no harm in eating out occasionally. & Nbsp;

3- Take care of time while eating food too. & nbsp; Eating at the wrong time also leads to weight gain. Therefore it is important to have a rule of drinking your food. Many people eat late night food which is not good for the body. & Nbsp;

4- Whenever eating food, eat a little less than hunger i.e. in small miles. This will keep your weight under control. If you want, you can take many small miles in a day, but avoid overeating at once.

5- If you want to stay thin for a long time, then reduce the use of refined flour, sugar and oil. These three things cause weight gain and many diseases also arise in the body. To reduce the cause, eat less carbohydrate food.

Do the exercise

In order to remain fit, it is very important to include some kind of physical activity in the daily routine in the same way that it is important to take care of food and drink. You can do any workouts like cycling, swimming and running. Yes, but you must do at least 30-40 minutes of workouts every day. Walking regularly can also keep you fit. By doing workouts, both your mental health and physical health are good. & Nbsp;

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