Health Tips: Michelle Obama taught the mantra to stay fit, you should also know the benefits of walking

Former US President Barack Obama’s wife has always emphasized the importance of women’s health and fitness. Michelle Obama has often been seen advising her to keep up with her fitness routine. He has also received praise for healthy eating, regular exercise and advice on prioritizing himself. Now, in her new social media post, Michelle has highlighted the importance of daily walking.

Former First Lady of America taught the mantra to stay fit

On the occasion of ‘National promenade day’ to be celebrated every year on April 7, he told that we all need to take some steps for complete health.

‘Walking is good for physical and mental health’

He said, “I hope that all of you can take some time out for a walk. I know that it is not always easy.” He says that taking a little time for a walk is good for both your physical and mental health, especially these days.

Experts say that fast walking can help reduce the risk of heart diseases, provided it is done at least five days a week. It also helps in reducing the blood sugar level and increases the mental health.

But, some common mistakes of people can make the walk less effective and less enjoyable. Therefore, some things should be paid attention to avoid mistakes.

1. When you walk, you need to be careful. You need to understand how your body feels. This is the most basic thing you can do.

2. Invest on the right shoe joints as they protect your feet from the development of painful lumps in the skin.

3. Walk fast, but avoid filling the long leg because it can cause injury to your leg and you can also lose your balance. Instead, it is better to take small steps.

4. You need to take a break while you are walking. Experts say that taking regular intervals during a walk can help you burn more and increases your fitness level, Stamina.

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