Health Tips: Not only can papaya eat fruits have these disadvantages, know

Health Tips: When we talk about fruits, the name of papaya is first. Papaya is very beneficial for health. This calorie fruit provides many health benefits. Eating papaya makes panchana very good. Papaya and its leaves are beneficial in deadly disease like dengue. This fruit with fiber is also very helpful in diseases like constipation. Because of these qualities, it is also called all-rounder fruit. On the one hand, while it is full of properties, consuming it too much has its side effects on health. Let’s know about it in detail …

Harmful to pregnant women
Papaya is said to be very harmful for pregnant women. According to health experts, pregnant women should avoid consuming papaya. Because papaya seeds and roots can harm the fetus.

Reduces blood sugar
Papaya lowers blood sugar levels. Which can prove to be very dangerous for patients with diabetes or diabetes. In such a situation, if you are a diabetic patient, it is always good to consult a doctor.

Digestive problems may occur
Papaya is rich in fiber. It provides relief from constipation problem. But its excessive intake can also upset the stomach. Therefore, it should be consumed in a limiter quantity.

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