Health Tips: Raisins have calcium, iron, fiber and anti oxidants, eat a few grains in the morning daily, stay healthy

Why should you make raisins a part of your daily diet? Experts say that calcium, iron, fiber and anti oxidants in raisins affect your overall health. Small size dry fruit is excellent in taste and should be consumed daily for health purpose.

Enhances digestion
Using a little raisin every morning in the morning works to improve your digestive system. The fiber found in it gives laxative effect to the stomach and cures bowel movements. Apart from this, it also helps in treating stomach problems such as constipation.

Prevents cancer
A catechin called antioxidant present in raisins helps protect the body from free radical activity. Because of this there is a risk of colon cancer or tumor.

Great for eyesight
Raisins are considered great for your eyes due to the presence of polyphenolic phytonutrients. In addition, antioxidants work to protect the eyes from free radical damage. Because of this, there is a risk of eyes being weak. In addition, cataracts are also caused.

Great for mental health
Raisins are also suitable for our mental health due to the right amount of antioxidants. Daily intake of raisins helps protect against problems such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Increases heart health
The presence of iron in raisins is also beneficial for the heart. Iron helps in blood flow which benefits the cardiovascular system and keeps your heart healthy.

Helpful in reducing weight
If you wish to lose weight, this sweet dry fruit can work well. The glucose fructose present in it gives your body immense energy because you are in dire need of it during exercise. In addition, excessive calories are consumed at that time. The fiber found in raisins keeps you full for a long time.

Treats Anemia
Rich amount of iron is found in raisins. Due to this, treatment of anemia is favorable. These days, especially women are struggling with extreme problems of anemia. Raisins can prevent iron deficiency in the body by daily intake.

Raisins can be used in many ways besides eating directly. Raisins can be added while preparing food like kheer and porridge. Therefore, raisins should be included in daily diet for amazing health benefits.

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