Health Tips: Saffron is beneficial for health, but know its side effects

Health Tips: Nowadays people take great care of their health. But most people do not know what is eatable for us or not. We all know about saffron. It has many health benefits. About whom we have been hearing since childhood. In Ayurveda, saffron has been described as beneficial for our health. Saffron enhances the taste of food and it is used a lot in the winter season due to its warmth. Saffron improves the skin. Many people believe that saffron is beneficial for pregnant women.

Consumption of saffron reduces the red blood cells in the body of pregnant women, which can be harmful to pregnant women and their children. In Ayurveda, it has been wrongly said that drinking saffron milk produces baby blond. Before taking saffron, consult a doctor.

Risk of allergy to saffron: Consumption of saffron in high amounts leads to allergic reactions. The use of saffron increases the amount of antigen in the body, due to which the immune system of the body starts working slowly. Therefore, it is advisable to consume it in limited quantities.

Saffron reduces blood pressure: Excessive consumption of saffron can reduce blood pressure in the body. Due to which problems like body pain, nausea may arise. People who have problems with blood pressure should stay away from saffron.

Risk of jaundice and food poisoning: Skin becomes yellow due to excessive use of saffron, due to which the risk of jaundice and food poisoning increases.

This news is on the claim of research. ABP News does not confirm this. Before implementing any suggestion or treatment, you must consult your expert.


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