Health tips: Say goodbye to digestive problems, these Ayurvedic rules for eating are effective

From the embarrassment of gas to the uncomfortable state of the stomach, every person has to deal with digestive problems sometimes. This can not only cause discomfort, but also cause pain in some cases. However, healthy food is essential for good intestinal health, which in turn is important for good digestion. But do you know that food is only a science that can help the body immensely?

According to Dr. Deeksha Bhavsar, in Ayurveda you can find the right eating methods for good digestion. He posted on Instagram, “Ayurveda provides precise guidelines for food, especially when it comes to digestion.”

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Eat when you are hungry. This is to say that the food eaten before is well digested. Sometimes we can think that we feel hungry, but this can happen only when we are dehydrated.

Eat in a cool and comfortable place. Sit down while eating and eat as little distraction as possible. During this time do not use TV, laptop, phone and book.

Eat the right amount. We are all different with different needs and different stomach sizes and metabolic speed, listen to your body and eat till you are satisfied.

Eat a good amount of food. Make sure that your food is juicy or slightly oily as it will facilitate digestion and improve absorption of nutritious elements. Avoid using too much dry food.

Do not eat with incompatible foods. This can cause stomach upset. Some incompatible foods include fruits, milk and fish.

Be present while eating. Use all five of your senses. Take time to appreciate the smell of your food, the size of the plate, the texture of the food, and the different flavors.

Do not eat fast. Instead of swallowing food, take time to chew. Chewing is an important step towards digestion.

Eat at regular time. Nature likes cycle and regularity, so we should follow it.

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