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Health Tips: The benefits of garlic must be heard very much, know its side effects here

Health Tips: Garlic has been used in almost every Indian kitchen for years. It is a big part of our daily diet. Garlic adds flavor to Indian cuisine. Garlic is famous for its medicinal properties. People have been using it for the treatment of many health problems since old times. It can treat health conditions like cold, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other such problems. However, there are some side effects as well, about which we must know.

Garlic is good as long as it is consumed in a limited quantity. Consuming too much garlic can be harmful for our body.

See here some side effects of garlic
1. Garlic contains some enzymes that can cause skin rashes and itching. Avoid excessive intake of it.

2. Consuming too much garlic can cause bad odor. Garlic can cause bad breath. After consuming garlic, use a mouth freshener.

3. Excess consumption of garlic can cause gas. Gas, bloating and diarrhea can also occur if consumed in excess.

4. Consuming too much garlic can also cause headaches if consumed in raw form. It does not directly cause headaches, but rather triggers this process that can lead to headaches. Therefore, it is advisable to consume anything in a limited quantity.


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