Health tips: These reasons increase the weight of women after the age of 40

Weight gain is a normal body phenomenon with which many people around the world have to grapple. Poor eating and lifestyle are considered the most common causes of weight gain. But, apart from that, there can be many reasons. Weight gain may also occur due to medical or age related reasons.

Decreased progesterone level
There are many enzymes in the body that have different functions. Excess or lack of any of them may lead to one or the other issue. When it is of progesterone level, it can cause weight gain indirectly as it can cause bloating and water accumulation in the organ, which makes you feel heavy. You can consult a doctor in this regard or take some easy home remedies to improve your body’s digestion.

Stress can cause weight gain
Responsibilities come with aging, and with responsibilities more stress and often nervousness. If you are facing special stress related to work, home and life, then you may have to pay for your health. The body has its own mechanism to face anything wrong that may happen, as a result your weight may increase.

Feel more hungry
Eating less and eating more is bad for both health. At the age of 40, women struggle with mood changes and various hormonal issues. As a result, most women feel very hungry. This can be fantastic for those who are addicted to eating less. On the other hand, eating too much can increase weight and other health problems.

Non Healthy Catering Habits
Non-healthy eating habits can not only affect the body of women at the age of 40, but it can happen to every person. However, if you are a woman and already you are 40 years old, then you need to be more careful about your health. Follow the rules for better care of yourself by making time table.

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