Health Tips: Use these foods, acidity will never be a problem

New Delhi It is common to have problems like burning, gas, bloating and acidity in your stomach. But do you know that there are some things that can easily overcome your acidity problem. Let’s know about some such superfoods that will reduce acidity.

banana- Banana is the best anti-diet to avoid acid. Potassium-rich banana lowers the pH level of the body. Eating bananas rich in high fiber can not only help you avoid acidity but also helps in keeping you fit.

muskmelon- Watermelon, melon are all rich in water, fiber and anti-oxidants. Which protects from acidity and maintains the viscosity of the stomach. They also balance the pH level from hydrating the body.

Apple and Papaya- Eating fiber-rich apples and papaya can also avoid acidity.

coconut water- This refreshing natural drink helps to flush toxins from the body. Coconut water bowl filled with fiber content keeps the moment right.

cold milk- The problem of acidity can also be overcome by drinking cold milk. Milk absorbs the acid present in the stomach. Along with this, it also reduces irritation in the gastric system. Whenever heart burns or stomach irritation, drink cold milk without sugar.

Cold curd and butter milk Drinking cold yogurt and butter milk also has the advantage. This keeps the digestive system healthy. Along with this, the problem of acidity is also overcome by its consumption.

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