Health Tips: What is the right time to have dinner to lose weight? Know the correct answer

What and how much to eat to stay healthy and lean? This issue has been the subject of debate for a long time. Another issue has also been considered, what should we eat.

Breakfast- Talk of food first of the day, then we should not skip breakfast. Research is also confirmed by the fact that Beckfast is important. Researchers at Harvard School of Public Health have studied the health outcomes of more than 26 thousand health workers. Research was done for 16 years on people above 45- 82 years of age. The result showed that those who left the breakfast, the risk of death from heart attack or heart disease was 25 percent more than those who ate the breakfast.

Lunch- But most of the people like to eat lunch much bigger. By that time, high activity level of the day can lead to faster calorie burning. Therefore, the body needs nutrition and also uses this fuel.

Dinner- Then what should be the opinion about dinner? Should one not eat after dark? Or should you skip dinner to lose weight, so that you can stay healthy and lean?

According to a report in Time, dietician Tracy Lockwood says, “What you don’t burn is that your chances of gathering as fat increase, because you become less active by the end of the day.” ” Eating too close to sleep increases your blood sugar and insulin, which causes strict bad luck in your sleep. Therefore, your last meal should be lighter than the day and should be eaten three hours before going to bed. Eating late at night has also been linked to an increase in weight.

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