Health Tips: Your bones are getting weakened by these habits, know how to get diagnosis

New Delhi Bones are the basic structure of the human body. The muscles and tissues in the human body are wrapped by our bones. Strong bones are very important for the good care of our body and for the all round development of the body. For bones, we have always been adopting a diet containing calcium and vitamins along with calcium. On the contrary, due to some of our habits, our bones keep getting weaker.

Late tv watch Most people sit in front of the TV for their entertainment as soon as they get rid of work. A report has said that watching TV for a long time is harmful to the eyes and bones. By sitting in one place, there is not much movement in bones, due to which it also causes pain in bones. To strengthen bones, we must keep moving at certain times, so that bones remain strong.

More salt: We use salt to taste in all foods. It also supplies iron to the body. At the same time, the use of too much salt causes serious damage to bones.

Smoking Smoking has been considered harmful to the body. This can cause lung cancer. At the same time, a bad effect of smoking has also been seen on bones. The formation of bone tissue (tissue) is greatly affected due to smoking. Due to which the bones become weak.

Alcohol Along with smoking, the consumption of alcohol or alcohol is very harmful for both body and bones. To maintain bone strength, stopping alcohol consumption is the most important need for us.

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