Hearing loss: when should you take stock?

OUR HEALTH ADVICE – The first signs of hearing loss are too often ignored, despite the need for early management.

Whether mild or very severe, hearing loss affects nearly 10 million people in France according to the latest figures from the Ministry of Health. This problem is obviously more significant as we get older. For example, after 80 years, more than one in two people have hearing problems, compared to one in five at age 50. Most often, this handicap appears gradually and insidiously, without noticing it.

Banished or perceived as fatal (what could be more normal than to become hard of the leaf as you get older?), The first signs are very often ignored, wrongly. Because if hearing cannot be restored by medicine, there are prostheses which allow, in certain cases and on condition of being used early, to preserve communication. A significant help: not only do hearing disorders increase the risk of social isolation and depression, but they are also involved in the occurrence of cognitive disorders, in particular …

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