Heat pimples happen due to these reasons in summer, take care of face like this

Due to dust and sunlight coming out in summer, pimples start appearing on the face, but many times due to lack of proper diet as well as due to lack of proper routine many pimples start appearing on the face. Pimples arising out of body heat are also called heat pimples. Cheeks and forehead are its easiest targets. Getting rid of pimples in summer can seem a bit difficult. But it can be cured with some home remedies, let’s know.

Heat pimples happen due to these reasons-

-poor diet

-not taking care of hygiene

– alcohol consumption

– caused by bacteria

-weakening of immunity

– clogging of pores

Home remedies to get rid of heat pimples-

castor oil-Pimples start happening due to microbial infection. Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid which acts as an antibacterial. This helps in reducing the swelling along with removing heat pimples. Mix it with a few drops of sandalwood oil in boiled water, then apply that water on the face by patting it with fingers.


Applying honey gives coolness to the face and at the same time it has the ability to fight the factors that cause pimples. Take honey in a big spoon, then add a little raw milk to it. Now apply this mixture on the pimples.


Whenever it comes to home remedies for pimples, turmeric definitely comes up. Turmeric, rich in curcumin, reduces the inflammation caused by pimples. Make a paste by mixing a little curd in turmeric powder, apply it on the pimples, let it dry, then wash it.


Lemon juice is one such remedy to deal with pimples, which not only reduces the pimples, but also makes the scars disappear from them. Lemon contains vitamin C, which is very beneficial for the skin. Mix a few drops of honey in lemon juice, then apply it and leave it for five minutes, after that wash the face with water.

Aloe vera gel-

Aloe vera is considered very good for the skin, it reduces the infection in the skin. Along with this, problems like heat pimples also get rid of. Apply some aloe vera gel on the pimples and repeat this process two to three times a day.

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Rose oil has many benefits for the body, use it in this way

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