Heat wave: the really effective methods to face it

OUR HEALTH ADVICE – Who is the most sensitive to heat? How to refresh your home? What foods and drinks to choose? Le Figaro takes stock of the right things to do in the event of high heat.

The country is going through an episode of very hot weather this week, with temperaturesvery often exceeding June records, sometimes on the order of absolute records“, according to Meteo France. Temperatures should approach or even exceed 40°C in places. At this time, this heat wave cannot officially be called a “heat wave“, even if it looks like it. This term designates a period of intense and lasting heat, day and night, for at least three days.

Everyone will agree: these heat waves are very difficult to live with, especially for all people who have an outdoor job or who work near heat sources (bakers, for example). Painful, but also dangerous. Evidenced by the episode of heat wave in the summer of 2003, which had caused no less than 15,000 premature deaths among our elders.

The elderly are particularly concerned by this risk (regulation system of…

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