“High-intensity influenza-like illness”: heightened vigilance in the face of side effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine

149 caregivers who received a dose of this vaccine reported fevers, body aches and headaches, ANSM announced.

Rising fever, headaches, body aches: around ten caregivers at Saint-Lô hospital experienced strong side effects shortly after receiving a dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The establishment even had to suspend vaccination on Thursday, before resuming it the following afternoon. The Norman hospital pleads the lack of anticipation: it had scheduled the vaccination of about fifty professionals on Wednesday without foreseeing the risk of side effects and the consequences on the functioning of services. ” This puts us in difficulty when we have whole teams that are vaccinated on the same day and that we have 15% of the team that has post-vaccine symptoms. “, Said the communications officer to AFP, specifying that the AstraZeneca laboratory announced” 12 to 15% side effects “.

Since then, the schedules have been modified for ” better disperse vaccination between services “. However, this is not an isolated case: in Brittany, the hospitals of Brest and Morlaix also had to interrupt the vaccination of caregivers for a day for the same reasons, according to the regional health agency.

Young people more sensitive?

What is happening in the north-west of France? At the end of its weekly follow-up committee Thursday evening, the National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM) identified 149 reports of influenza syndromes, often of high intensity but temporary, after the injection of the AstraZeneca product. Knowing that the vaccine, for the moment reserved for those under 65, has been injected to around 10,000 people since February 6.

The reported cases involve caregivers with an average age of 34 years.

And these side effects have been reported across the country, the agency said. ” The same batch of vaccine was used everywhere in France “And this lot, which was the subject of a” strict control “Before its marketing, has” been used in 21 other European countries, which to date have not made equivalent declarations “. Could there then have been a problem in the delivery from the northwest of the country which would have damaged the product? ” So far we have no echo in this direction “, We also assure you.

ANSM recalls that “ these side effects are known and described with vaccines “. It further notes that the reported cases affect caregivers on average 34 years old. The possibility of a younger population reacting more and more quickly to the effects of the vaccine is not excluded.

In the UK for example, where AstraZeneca has been injected to more than 3 million people, no worrying signals: some 11,700 cases of side effects have been reported, most of them related to arm pain or symptoms influenza. In France, this product is in any case the subject of increased surveillance. The first follow-up report on this vaccine will be published next week. In the meantime, the ANSM recommends “ vaccinate staff in the same department on a staggered basis »And to favor the use of paracetamol in the event of symptoms.

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