Himanshi Khurana furious at Punjabis being described as ‘terrorists’, gave a befitting reply to Kangana Ranaut

Controversy about the peasant movement is constantly increasing. Recently, American pop star Rihanna made a tweet in support of the farmers, after which Kangana Ranaut attacked Rihanna and told the protesters even to the terrorists.

On social media, she kept saying repeatedly that those who were protesting are terrorists, not farmers. Himanshi Khurana has been fueled by farmers and Punjabis being called terrorists and has given a befitting reply to Kangana Ranaut.

In a statement, Himanshi said, ‘Who has ever thought that these Punjabis are repeatedly calling Punjabis terrorists and terrorists? The whole world will see us with one eye. What problem do our new generation have to face, why not think? Put a question mark on a community for your purpose? Why? ‘

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Himanshi further wrote, ‘India is also ours and has always stood, but first of all you started the divide. Come on, if one of the whole of India is not ready for a state bill, should we not speak?

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Himanshi has shared this statement on his Twitter handle. Himanshi also released a statement on Instagram. He wrote, ‘I want to ask them that let’s not interfere with outsiders, but when the terrorists who are dividing their own well-known celebs India are speaking … why not? And by calling us terrorists, they are also making fun of the Indian security that how many terrorists are present in India… Look at their logic. Let’s do India one, and respect every community first. ‘

Let us know that Himanshi has been standing in support of the farmers movement and farmers since day one. Some time back when Kangana Ranaut had expressed her opinion on social media about the peasant movement, Himanshi Khurana had also targeted her.


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