Hindi Diwas 2021: ‘Mother used to chop onions in Hindi’, lines from Amitabh’s post touching heart

Amitabh Bachchan has made a wonderful post today on the occasion of Hindi Diwas 2021 on 14th September. The words written in this post touched the heart of Amitabh, who has a good command over the Hindi language, that he could not stop himself from sharing it.

Amitabh was born in the house of the great Hindi language poet and writer Harivansh Rai Bachchan and this is the reason why this quality of father is also very visible in his tone. Be it in real life or his role on screen or entertaining the audience in ‘KBC’, Amitabh brings everyone closer to him with his special way of speaking.

Sharing this post, Amitabh wrote, ‘Many wishes on Hindi Diwas. A dear friend of ours sent me this essay which was sent to him by a friend and I thought it was a wonderful mention, let me send it to you.’

In this post, some such lines have been written, which have the power to spread a smile on your face as soon as you read it. Some lines from the post are like, ‘Life is lived in Hindi in our house. Mother used to chop onions in Hindi. Chillies floating in ghee were also fried in Hindi in small billias. Where water used to flow in Hindi, fish also used to swim in Hindi. Surat used to grow in Hindi and get molded easily in Hindi itself. These were the days when in common colloquial Hindi, it was called kinktarvyvimudh. I have lived my entire life in Hindi and will live the rest of my life in Hindi only. The bird that I made on the wall in Hindi will fly away one day. My Hindi will be from H to no and from A to infinity.’

Amitabh not only speaks good Hindi but also writes wonderful poetry and poetry. Amitabh often shares such posts with fans.


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