Homophobic law in Hungary: Emmanuel Macron denounces a text “totally contrary to our values ​​and our law”



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This text, which prohibits the “promotion” of homosexuality among minors, earned Budapest a letter of remonstrance from the European Commission.

French President Emmanuel Macron condemned, Friday, June 25, a law adopted in mid-June in Hungary which prohibits the “promotion” homosexuality among minors. This text is “totally contrary to our values ​​and our law”, assured the Head of State, during a press conference at the end of a summit of the European Council, in Brussels. “To fight against these homophobic laws is to defend individual freedom, human dignity, on our soil and for all of us”, said the president. This last “fully supports the legal procedure initiated by the European Commission” against the country.

This Hungarian law, which provides that “Pornography and content that depicts sexuality or promotes gender identity deviation, sex reassignment and homosexuality should not be accessible to anyone under the age of 18”, in fact earned Budapest a letter of remonstrance from the Commission, which gave it until June 30 to respond. The European executive has the power to initiate proceedings for violation of European law which could lead to a referral to the Court of Justice of the EU and to sanctions. Faced with European accusations, Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, defended the law passed by his country on Thursday: “The law is not about homosexuals, he assured. It is about how parents want to educate their children about sex. “

In addition to the Hungarian case, Emmanuel Macron also deplored the rise of a “anti-liberal conservatism on our value” in several European countries, including Poland. A trend which, according to him, is not associated only with the leaders of these countries, but also with “a deep trend” of these populations.

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