Hong Kong: pro-democracy activist Agnes Chow freed

This release comes on the second anniversary of the major pro-democracy demonstrations. Calls for demonstrations have been launched on social networks.

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A gesture in an ocean of repression. The activist of the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong (China), Agnes Chow, was released from prison on Saturday June 12, the second anniversary of the major pro-democracy protests in the former British colony. Some 2,000 police officers were placed on alert on Saturday as calls for demonstrations were launched on social networks to commemorate the protests.

The authorities, however, maintained a ban on demonstrations decided to fight the coronavirus pandemic, although only three new contaminations were identified last month. Many pro-democracy activists have been arrested and protest criminalized by new repressive laws imposed by the Beijing government.

On Saturday, however, one of these arrested activists was released. Agnes Chow, 24, has been released after spending seven months in prison for her role during the 2019 protests outside the police headquarters. Expected by several journalists on her release from prison, she however made no comment.

His release comes two years to the day after the big demonstrations that had invaded the streets of the former British colony in defense of democracy. On June 12, 2019, thousands of people surrounded the seat of Hong Kong’s legislature in an attempt to prevent the passage of a law favoring extraditions, including of opponents, to mainland China.

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