Horoscope 04 August 2021: Cancer, Capricorn people should not do this work, know today’s horoscope of all zodiac signs

Horoscope Today 04 August, Aaj Ka Rashifal, Daily horoscope: According to the Panchang, 04 August 2021 is the Ekadashi date of Krishna Paksha of Shravan month. Today is a special day from the religious point of view. Today is the first Ekadashi of Sawan, it is called Kamika Ekadashi. How is today’s day for the people of Aries to Pisces zodiac, know about all the zodiac signs, today’s horoscope.

Sheep- On this day, churning about useless things can be disturbing. Keeping yourself free will keep you happy instead of worrying about serious issues. Have a happy day. Those who are associated with the job of management, they will get good progress. Will be able to give good advice and guidance to the team. If there is loss in business, then planning will have to be done for improvement. Physical weakness can cause problems in health. Common diseases will improve. If you are thinking of conducting any religious rituals in the family, then the time is auspicious. There will be love and affection from all the colleagues.

Taurus- Follow the rules and discipline completely on this day. Your hard work and hard work will be recognized. Advise the subordinates to work hard too. If there is any tension going on regarding private job, then be patient, time is likely to change soon. A hasty decision can be harmful. The day will be beneficial for people doing business of grain or ration. Do not be careless about health, if you are a patient of diabetes, then refrain from eating sweets. On the other hand, take special care of the mother, health may deteriorate. Sister may have to help financially.

Gemini- Do not give any place to laziness in your mind on this day. Whatever tasks are assigned in the office, completing all those tasks consciously should be your first priority today, as well as the subjects in which the risk is less, should be taken quickly. Those who start a business should try not to take financial help from their father. There may be eye-related problems in health, people who use TV laptop mobile excessively, they should avoid it. Keep making constant efforts to maintain good rapport with your sister. Be polite with your spouse as well.

Cancer- Today, keeping mental strength, some tough decisions may have to be taken. Try your contacts, get benefit soon. Be it social life or family, do not do any such work, which will hurt the honor. Keep your subordinates united, it will be beneficial to give importance to their opinion. Businessmen need to increase publicity to get good profit. Youth will have to be alert for career related or changing trends. Patients of high blood pressure should not be careless in health, keep the diet balanced. Suddenly your health may deteriorate. It will be beneficial to adopt gentle behavior to keep peace in the family.

Lion- If the mind is troubled on this day, then you can share your heart with close friends. Officers will be happy with your work. You will be admired in public and you will be an example for others. Travel to other cities is possible due to work, but in view of the epidemic, caution has to be taken. People associated with ancestral business need to work in harmony, failing which there is a possibility of losses in business. Youth will get success in the career field. Looking at the weather in health, there can be a problem of viral. There may be partition in the house for property.

Virgo- On this day the mind will be distracted again and again and this confusion can make you make mistakes. Be patient while working. Include this in nature as well. If you are associated with an NGO or a service institution, then many people may have to help. You may have to face the displeasure of the boss in the office. After this the afternoon time can be stressful. Big deals can come out of the hands of businessmen. Maintain cooperation with partners. Young people follow the rules of the house. It is important to protect your head in health, as a fall or accidental injury can happen. Family conditions will be normal. Everyone will get equal cooperation.

Libra- Start today’s day with the remembrance of Ishtadev. All the stalled works will get progress. Now is the right time to make an action plan for better education. Your work will be appreciated in the office, keep strengthening the technical side. This will help you to upgrade yourself. If there is a dispute going on in the business, then the proposal of settlement coming from the other side will not be right. Be careful with the youth. The emergence of chronic diseases in health can cause problems. Don’t be careless at all. There will be cooperation from everyone in the family. The advice of elder brother can prove beneficial for you.

Scorpio- On this day some people can harm you by becoming a sycophant. Greed and greed can also put you in trouble. If there is an obstacle in the work, then it will be beneficial to wait for some time. The mind can be disappointed due to the working people not getting the fruits according to their hard work. The business class will make good profits. Increase the focus towards the goal by working hard. Liver related problems can increase from the point of view of health, there is a need to be alert about this. Also, keep the food and drink balanced. If your spouse is overweight, then advise them to reduce it. There will be better coordination with everyone in the house.

Sagittarius- Today is a pleasant day for the family and you. Will be available in business, job or domestic works. If it is a holiday, spend some time with family. People associated with media will have a good day. Work related to business will increase, there will be fatigue due to busyness. Those dealing in luxury items need to focus on sales. Those who consume more intoxicants in health, they should be careful, they can come under the grip of a big disease. Keeping an eye on the health of children, keeping an eye on the weather. The talk of the relationship of unmarried people that can catch. Be careful about the health of your life partner.

Capricorn- Today, more confidence can spoil the action plans. There is a possibility of wastage of money and time in travel. Time is also auspicious for business people. Do not risk your reputation for unnecessary activities in the office. People doing ancestral business will have to focus on a little detail. Youth can get admission in good courses. There is a possibility of back pain due to health today. Don’t work too lean. Being aware of injury, avoid standing in a high place. Guests can come to the house. Valuable items have to be kept safe.

Aquarius- On this day only your speed and ability can take you on the path of success. Do not let any work go out of hand. There is a need to understand the instructions of the boss. If self-confidence is decreasing, then work in teamwork, which is likely to give good results. If there is a dispute with a colleague in the office, then resolve it by talking. Businessmen need to be gentle with their customers. There may be problems like stomach pain or slip disc in health. If any old dispute related to land or house is going on then it will be seen to end soon.

Pisces- On this day, negative emotions in the mind will try to change your nature. This has to be avoided. While introspecting, keep yourself a little relaxed. Prestige and acceptance in the society and family will increase. There can be a meeting with the boss in the workplace, for this you should be ready. Time is favorable for investing in big business or property. Before using medicines in health, make sure to check their expiry date. If the elders in the family are angry, then convince them, this will give them happiness, they can go to meet an acquaintance or relative with the family. There will be cooperation from everyone.

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