Horoscope Today 2 November 2021: On Dhanteras, the movement of planets is doing the people from Aries to Pisces.

Horoscope Today 2 November 2021, Aaj Ka Rashifal, Daily Horoscope: According to the Panchang, today 2nd November 2021 is the date of Dwadashi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month on Tuesday. On Tuesday, the Moon will remain in Virgo. Today Uttara will be Phalguni Nakshatra. Today is the festival of Dhanteras. Let us know how today will be for you. today’s Horoscope.

Sheep- Do not let happiness diminish on this day, on the other hand, you will be successful in utilizing the time. It is very important to use sweet words from colleagues in the office, otherwise you can get involved in controversies. Along with getting profit in business, you will be successful in reaching respect and high level. The imagination power of the youth seems to be increasing. People who often have acidity problems in health, they should avoid staying empty stomach on this day, instead of having meals together, it would be better to eat little by little. Perform your duties, Mother Lakshmi will take away all your obstacles.

Taurus- Today you will have to be very strong mentally, on the other hand, important opportunities can be lost, provided you do not ignore them. Women of this zodiac who are associated with the field of career, they are likely to get money related benefits. Financial condition will be fine in business. Stuck money can be recovered. Those students who are engaged in the preparation of competitive exams need to study more carefully. Asthma patients have to take special care about their health. You may be stressed due to family responsibilities.

Gemini- Today the situation will be confusing. There may be conflict within. The mind will say that work, but the soul will not allow it from within. The mind will not do whatever the soul says. Techniques should be learned to get the work done easily in the office. Everyone gets the work done, but easily the one who gets the work done by others, that is the important thing. Be more careful in business, there is a possibility of loss of money. A lot of hard work will have to be done to improve the financial situation. A small mistake can give less profit. Talking about health, health will be favorable. Women should be aware of fire accidents while preparing food in the kitchen.

Cancer- On this day, the number of opponents and envious people can increase by listening to your qualities, but you do not have to pay attention to them. You will get benefit from official travel as well as your relations with higher officials will be strengthened. Time is good for those doing business related to food items, as well as store the more used medicines. Students who are striving for higher education should pay attention to online courses etc. There may be a problem of stomach pain, avoid the consumption of heavy food. The outline of a religious event can be made.

Lion- Work with full confidence on this day, the mind will enjoy the work. Many types of positive thoughts will come in the mind. A well-wisher can give you valuable advice. With your hard work in the office, you will be able to open new doors of success. Traders will have to take some important decisions today as well as may have to spend money in legal matters. Talking about health, the patients of constipation should be aware, as well as if you have more problems of constipation, then consume more fiber in the diet. Take care of the health of the family member as well.

Virgo- There may be some disturbance in the routine today, which may spoil your routine work. People related to the field of work should not bring domestic tension to professional life, it will disrupt official work. Businessmen should not share secrets with close people today, due to this their prestige in the society may decrease, while on the other hand avoid interfering in the affairs of others. The youth should actively participate in social work. In terms of health, the problems of arthritis patients may increase. Do not ignore anything from the father, otherwise he may have to face his anger.

Libra- On this day, preference should be given to the work which you are interested in doing. Your intellect will be very active and there will be a lot of enthusiasm in your mind. Doing official work in haste can cause damage. At the same time, there is a possibility of getting a job opportunity from a good and reputed institute. Those doing business of milk will get profit, but keep one thing in mind that storing more goods will have to be avoided. You can be troubled by foot pain, due to excessive foot pain, there can also be swelling in the feet. Family members will express disagreement in some matter.

Scorpio- Today is a bit mentally stressful, so keep working even if you do not feel like it, because sitting empty will be very stressful. This time can be very good for getting financial benefits. Keep a rapport with the boss, there may be ideological differences with him. Those who are looking for a job are looking forward to getting a job from a reputed institute. Talking about health, cervical patients should be aware of pain. Circumstances may be somewhat unfavorable in married life. You should avoid doubting your loved ones unnecessarily.

Sagittarius- On this day, due to the pressure of negative planets, your responsibilities will seem like a burden, due to which anger can also come. You will have enough work in the office, so try that the work does not remain pending, so focus more on completing the tasks. It will be good for the businessmen to make small investments, as well as the ongoing work in partnership is going to prove beneficial. Talking about health, due to the changing weather, you can be troubled by cold. In the event of a family dispute, do not answer to your elders, as the dispute may increase.

Capricorn- Today is a very good day for those people who are spokespersons by profession. You will win the hearts of others with your speech, your fast-paced words will leave a mark on others. Today your work will be given importance in the office. If you are associated with the marketing sector, then there will be target pressure from the office. Those doing the business of placement should stay away from legal gimmicks. Eat good and nutritious food in health, health will be normal. If you have any land dispute going on, then be careful in this direction now, lest things get out of your hands.

Aquarius- Today the workload will be a little more, because God is checking your ability at this time, in view of this situation, you will have to live up to their trust. Those doing software related work will have a satisfactory day. Those who trade grains can get profits. On the other hand, those doing business related to cooked food also have strong chances of profit. Eat sprouts and less ghee oil food in health. While driving, keep an eye on the speed, because of you someone can get hurt. Spouse will help in your career field.

Pisces- One thing to keep in mind on this day is that people whose health is not going well, they should avoid getting more angry. Doing so can bring further deterioration in your health. Will give a new direction to official work, so that the boss can praise you. Business class should not buy more goods from companies due to profit as the planetary positions are looking to cause harm in future. Students focus on class studies. From the point of view of health, like yesterday, the rules given by the doctor should be followed even today. Women should stay away from home disputes.

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