Horrible: What smoking can do to your skin, you will be scared to see this video

We all know that smoking is harmful to health, it causes cancer and can also kill the life of smokers. But have you heard that smoking cigarettes can also cause your skin to yellow. If not heard, it is true. There is medical evidence of this and there is also a video related to the claim. Photos and videos have been revealed online. The incident is from Haiyan city of China.

The consequences of smoking are very dangerous

The video shows that Chen-smoker’s skin became pale yellow. The 60-year-old man’s tumor was caused by a blockage in the bile ducts. The person resident of China was taken to the hospital after feeling troublesome. Tests showed that his body was turning pale. Seeing the report, the doctors of the hospital linked the rare cases ie tumor obstruction in the biliary tract and the non-healthy lifestyle of the person.

Chain-smoker’s skin turns dark yellow

According to the news, the doctors were surprised to see that the skin of the man was so bright that he gave it a yellow color. In the hospital, he was confirmed to be suffering from jaundice which can turn your skin and eyes yellow. Doctors said that the man’s tumor is in the pancreas and has grown so much that it is obstructing the bile ducts.

Jaundice was identified because of a long tumor in his pancreatic. Doctors said that the man’s excessive smoking habit contributed to a long tumor, which eventually led to jaundice. In addition, the investigation revealed that the man had a second tumor in his body. After taking out the tumor, the doctors asked the person to quit smoking for the sake of his life. The man’s skin color became normal after the tumor was removed.

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