Hot debate erupts over North Indian vs South Indian dosa

In recent times, the case of strange recipes on the internet has not cooled down yet that this time the food divided people into two camps. Guess what is the root of the controversy behind the latest episode? People can at times be sensitive about their favorite dish and place of origin. But when a Twitter user called North Indian Dosa better, he started a heated debate on Twitter.

Dosa divided the internet into two sides

It started with a post. Expressing his opinion in the post, the user wrote, “You will never find South Indians saying that we North Indians cook better than ever.” It was further added that North Indians do not distance themselves from serving South Indian dishes. Things got worse when someone replied saying, “North Indian dosa is better.” This comment gave rise to a tremendous debate on the social media platform. Most of the comments after this tweet were either in disagreement or support or were joking. Disagreeing with the tweet, a user wrote, “Dosa itself is South Indian.. People of North India have copied it. North Indian Dosa is nothing.”

In this way dosa came in the center of controversy and there was a tremendous discussion on the internet in favor and against, even the hashtag Dosa started trending. Twitter users soon jumped in to point out the difference between the original dosa and the way it is served in North Indian restaurants.

South Indian vs North Indian Dosa

He pointed to the amount of cheese and the type of sauce used to make the simple dish. Many people joined the discussion and appealed not to waste the original food. Despite this, the heated debate on Twitter did not stop, with many saying that no one can match the South Indian dosa. Others questioned whether the name ‘North Indian dosa’ was appropriate. Someone clarified that the dosa served in a roadside stall in South India is better than the one served in a restaurant in North India. He added, “And the same applies to idli, medu vada, uttapam, rasam chawal, bisi bele bath, bonda.”

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