House of Cards, by Andrew Davies

Francis Urquhart is chief whip (literally “leader of the whip”) of the British Conservative Party. As brilliant as he is devious, this deputy’s mission is to ensure order and discipline in the ranks of parliamentarians. He knows everyone’s weaknesses and doesn’t hesitate to threaten them to reveal their shameful little secrets to lead them to the wand. A man in the shadows for decades, he now dreams of reaching a prominent position. Dismissed from the new government by the Prime Minister whom he helped to elect, he decides to take revenge.

We (re) discover with pleasure the original version of the series House of Cards, dated from the 1990s and whose American remake, produced in particular by David Fincher, would be an international success twenty years later. White mane and carnivorous smile, the elegant Ian Richardson brilliantly interprets the cruel manipulator whose obsequiousness hides limitless ambition. His gazes at the camera, both piercing and haughty, and his cult lines have left their mark on the imagination of the creators of series.


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