How can we help our brain to concentrate better?

PSYCHOLOGY – Noises, phone calls, e-mail … We never stop being solicited by new stimuli. How better to resist it?

Telephone, sms, mail, noise, conversation … Our brain is constantly solicited by new stimuli, to the point that asking it to stay focused is an achievement! Resisting and staying focused is nevertheless possible, provided you have the instructions for use. To find it, what better than going to see what is going on in a brain occupied with a task, but subjected to various distractions?

To explore the question, a team from Inserm led by Jean-Philippe Lachaux, from the neuroscience research center in Lyon, focused on a very specific audience and allowing the brain function to be observed as closely as possible. Author of The magic of concentration (ed. Odile Jacob) and at the origin of the ATOLE program (ATtentif à l’ecole), the researcher was able to benefit from the participation of 85 patients with intractable epilepsy. Their particularity: before surgery, electrodes had been implanted directly in their brain to locate

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