How China dominates the world

China, the great offensive

At 10:55 p.m. on France 2

The Wuhan virus has not weakened China. He doped it to the point that the country today appears as the only power that has controlled the virus on its territory, which allows it to continue its journey towards world domination in peace. The power of the documentary by Michael Sztanke, who knows Asia perfectly, is to have found credible interlocutors who testify openly. One after the other, from Beijing to Paris via the United States, they dissect point by point the implacable Chinese strategy applied at the planetary level.

Even more striking in this survey, appears the choice of France that China made in its attempts to impose its model on the world. At the heart of Europe and at the UN Security Council, France seems an easy and naive target for China. Skillful seductress, knowing France’s admiration for the “millennial” Chinese culture, China infiltrates all influential circles in our country: political (Jean-Pierre Raffarin …), economic (Huawei …), cultural (Institutes Confucius…).

All the “French-pandas” questioned pretend to be blind to the Chinese nuisance power that steals French know-how and technologies. They defend themselves by talking about ” cooperation “ and of ” peace “, where China sees only a balance of power to gain. This documentary balances its point by giving voice to European activists and politicians who denounce the patent violations of human rights by China in Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong. This awareness of “Chinese evil” is beginning to spread within public opinion, insists Michael Sztanke: his documentary is a brilliant part of it.


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