How do you get the night to really give you advice?

PSYCHOLOGY – Sleeping promotes those “eureka” moments, where a sudden enlightenment gives you the solution to an unresolved problem. As long as you have thought about it …

Going to bed without having solved a problem, relying on our brain and a good night’s sleep to find the solution? “Yes, it is possible, but you still have to have thought about it before because the brain does not start from scratch“, Nuance from the outset the Pr Marc Vérin, president of the Institut des Neurosciences Cliniques de Rennes and director of the Behavior and Central Gray Nuclei research unit at the University of Rennes 1.

Because these nocturnal “eureka” are not born from nothing: when we sleep, circuits are activated which reactivate what has been done or learned during the day. This allows the brain to make the selection between what is relevant to remember or not. But when the brain reactivates these memory traces, it reworks them, and makes associations that had not been attempted during waking moments. And it is thanks to these processes that new solutions are born. “But these solutions can only see the light of day if there are associations of ideas

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