How hypnosis found its place in the hospital

Against pain and anxiety, hypnosis is increasingly asserting itself as an interesting technique for reducing the doses of certain drugs and strengthening the link between patients and caregivers.

For many, it remains a mysterious art reserved for magic shows. For others, it’s just a show. Far from these preconceived ideas, hypnosis now has its place in the hospital. Even if the physiological mechanisms at work have not yet all been deciphered, the arrival of neuroscience in the 1990s made it possible to learn more about how this technique acts on our brain. During or before surgery or childbirth, to reduce pain due to chronic illness or to reduce the impact of phobias…. The fields of application of medical hypnosis are numerous. For what benefits?

In people’s minds, hypnosis is still a spectacle. They immediately think of Messmer’s shows. Certainly, there are links with stage hypnosis. But medical hypnosis is not something eccentric, it is a non-drug technique that has a real interest in the care insists Dr.

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