How is Katrina Kaif so fit in old age? Know their fitness secret

Katrina Kaif Fitness Secret: Katrina Kaif’s name comes in Bollywood’s most beautiful actress. Katrina attracts everyone’s attention not only with her beauty but also with her toned figure. Kat sweats heavily to look fit in her films. Katrina also had to work hard for her figure in many dance numbers. Today we are telling you about the exercise routine of Katrina. Which you can also follow easily.

Katrina Kaif starts her day with a walk between the waves of the sea to keep herself fit. Let us tell you that by walking on soil our body’s immunity is strengthened. After taking a long walk, Katrina likes to do cardio in the gym with her fitness trainer.

According to celebrity nutritionist Nikhil Vats, ‘When we wake up in the morning, our body burns the most accumulated fat. By doing cardio exercise in the morning, our body works by consuming fuel from fat. This causes weight loss quickly. Apart from this, cardio is also the best exercise for the heart.

Talking about the workout routine of the cat, she also likes cycling to keep the leg muscles toned. Kat also does not forget to do aqua aerobics and planks for her fitness.

Explain that there are more than 12 types of planks like reverse planks, elbow planks, planks, jacks. The biggest advantage of planing is that it gives strength to our entire body. Planking regularly increases core stability and improves body posture. Planking releases the body’s stress hormones and increases feel-good hormones.

Simple way to plan

By the way, Planck is very simple exercise but it is very difficult to do it. To plan, you first have to straighten the entire body in the air while keeping weight on your elbows and toes. Looking at the front, the body has to be held in a position with pushups. You have to start by holding it for 10 to 60 seconds. If you want, you can start by holding 30 seconds according to your ability. Later it can be increased gradually.

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