How Thomas Pesquet prepared for a historic new mission in space

STORY – The French astronaut is expected to take off again from the United States aboard a SpaceX spacecraft around April 20. A second long trip aboard the ISS, which will welcome with it its 65th crew whose main mission remains unchanged: to continue the hundreds of scientific experiments orchestrated from land.

It was a spring evening, May 20, 2009. It was around 10 pm when the phone rang at Thomas Pesquet’s. The 31-year-old Rouennais learns that his candidacy has been selected among the 8,413 examined by the ESA. With a German, a Dane, an Italian and a Briton, he is integrated into the new generation of Europeans invited to participate in space exploration. “It’s a leap into the unknown, he then declared. I’m going to do a dream job, but I still have a hard time seeing myself as a astronaut. ”

Eleven years and a long-lasting mission later, Thomas Pesquet is little more than an astronaut – he is the French astronaut. Airline pilot at Air France then Novespace specialized in Airbus, aeronautical engineer at Cnes, passionate about basketball (he dreamed of being a professional athlete), saxophone, skiing, diving and judo (he is a black belt), he quickly becomes one of the favorite personalities of the French who discover in 2016, during the last

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