How to Break Free from Grudges

PSYCHOLOGY – The other offended us, we’re mad at him… Can we appease his anger without going through the revenge box?

Who has never held a grudge against Pierre, Paul or Jacques? True self-administered poison, resentment is tenacious. This feeling sometimes diffuse, vague, or on the contrary acute, violent, arises after an offense or an injustice – or at least what we consider as such. “Unlike resentment, which is part of a broader and more conceptual dimension, resentment is often directed against a person or a group of people, considered responsible for the affront.explains Bernard Anselem, a doctor specializing in neuropsychology and author of I ruminate, you ruminate, we ruminate (Eyrolles). Above all, it is associated with hostility, and often with a desire for revenge.

Hurt at the time, here we are green with rage and for a long time! It is the emotion of anger that predominates, since one of our needs (physical, emotional) has been undermined, or our values, our principles have been flouted. “Behind the anger, it is not uncommon to also find sadness (Pourquoi tant…

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