How to choose and correctly use a CO2 detector

the use of carbon dioxide sensors makes it possible to measure the concentration of viral particles and should be considered as a long-term investment.

Health authorities have been hammering it out for months: ventilating an enclosed space properly reduces the risk of contamination by dispersing the particles of Sars-CoV-2 suspended in the air. For this new school year, teachers are therefore invited to open the windows of the classrooms. “At least 15 minutes in the morning before the pupils arrive, during each recess, during intercourse, at lunch time and during the cleaning of the premises. Aeration of at least 5 minutes must also take place every hour “, provides for the health protocol decreed by the Ministry of National Education. And the latter now recommends equipping rooms with mobile sensors measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide. “In order to determine the ventilation frequency required for each room”.

In a notice published last June, the Académie des Sciences recalls that “When exhaling, we exhale CO2 as well as aerosols, possibly carrying viruses

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