How to come to the end of his mental ruminations?

PSYCHOLOGY – Why do we rehash certain ideas over and over again? How do you put an end to these persistent, often painful thoughts? Answers with a scientist specializing in ruminations.

Going over the same thoughts over and over again, turning over a problem in your head a hundred times a day until you get angry, breaking up the mop, constantly thinking about the reasons why we are anxious or sad … All these behaviors are part of the same category, that of mental ruminations. In reference to cattle, which constantly chew and chew their food, this term refers in psychology to “the activity of unearthing and rehashing negative past events, painful thoughts and feelings, and associated worries», According to the definition given in the book Conquer depression by Michael Addis and Christopher Martell (Ed. De l’Homme Libre).

There is no doubt that everyone has already indulged in ruminations many times. Whether it be hurts from the past, events giving rise to guilt, shame or sadness, financial problems, worries about the future or related anxieties

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