How to get out

You have people who really have a knack for putting themselves in impossible situations. Take The Republicans. At the start, there is a very simple question: how to choose their presidential candidate, five contenders being in the starting blocks? The solution seems to impose itself: we organize a primary. Except that the party leadership is not very hot. Except, above all, that one of the candidates absolutely refuses. Why ? Because he considers himself the ” candidatenatural “ (the others being, I imagine, supernatural candidates). And that, therefore, his challengers only have to line up behind him. Which answer him: how’s your head? In short: what to do? By a clever subterfuge, the leadership substitutes for a classic primary, open to all sympathizers, as among the ecologists, the vote by a party congress, reserved for members only. The self-proclaimed natural candidate lets it be known that he would not be hostile to it. On the condition, however (a small condition of nothing at all) that he is (bis) the only candidate. Of course, the other four hold up. In short (bis): how to get out of this schmilblick? There is, it seems to me, a great challenge for science. There is no shortage in this country of brains trained in probability calculations, experts in the most complex combinatorial combinations and in algorithmic subtleties. In my opinion, a Nobel Prize cannot be ruled out.


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