How to get out of emotional dependence?

PSYCHOLOGY – Permanent fear of being unloved, constant need for reassurance… What if we stop expecting everything from others?

We all need to be loved. But what to do when this desire becomes constant and obsessive? Are we then “emotional addicts”? Beware of self-diagnosis! “We easily use this formula to evoke relationship difficulties, explains Nicolas Neveux, psychiatrist and author of the site But this is not an official term. Only “dependent personality disorder” is defined in DSM-5 as “general and excessive need for care which leads to submissive behavior and fear of separation”. ” This disease, which meets specific criteria, is part of personality disorders; as such, it requires therapeutic and possibly pharmacological treatment.

But then, what are the sufferers of those who live a somewhat excessive relationship, without fulfilling these precise criteria which would make them enter into the disease? “Of a disorder frequently encountered, in both women and men, which manifests itself within a

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