How to identify your personality at work

PSYCHOLOGY – Select the best candidate, refine his professional choices… Dedicated psychological tests aim to help you.

Some positions require good stress management, initiative, and the ability to withstand peaks of intense activity. Others require a more calm level of activity and / or the follow-up of clear procedures. Still others require knowing how to innovate, organize, etc. “The same candidate cannot be suitable for such different positions. These tests therefore aim to place the right candidate in the right position so that both recruiters and candidates are winners ”, explains Estelle Malvy, psychologist, who worked for a long time in human resources before joining the Cogito’z centers, among other things dedicated to building a professional and / or retraining project.

The Sosie and Neo Pi-R tests are the two tests most used by business psychologists. The Sosie personality test has 98 groups of 3 to 4 statements and is used to identify the values ​​developed in the work. The candidate must choose, for each group, the statement

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