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How to rebuild yourself after an accident of life

OUR ADVICE – The sudden loss of something, someone or a part of yourself turns the thread of life upside down. Some avenues to reduce the trauma, even the guilt that we also inflict on our loved ones.

An attack, an assault, a burglary, a torrent of mud or a fire, a road or domestic accident, a fall… The accidents of life are all different, more or less violent and serious. But they have one thing in common: the sudden loss of something, of someone, of a part of oneself… to be found and rebuilt.

That only happens to other people. In an instant, shatters a life trajectory that we thought was well established. The person we were the moment before is dead, and we do not recognize ourselves in the one who survives. Astonishment, agitation, a few days, months, years … Life no longer has meaning because loss, whatever its seriousness, mutilates physical integrity, erases identity, prohibits autonomy, widens a gap emotional and seems to destroy any project, any hope. To the multiple physical sufferings are added psychic manifestations (memory lapses, anxiety attacks, sleep disturbances, vigilance …). We are both

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