How virtual reality is transforming medical practice

DECRYPTION – Increasingly sophisticated, simulators enrich training and surgical capabilities.

“When you need surgery, you usually choose an experienced surgeon. But his experience is the result of learning by error. But who wants to be the patient in whom the surgeon fails? Of course, no one. This is why simulation in medicine is essential to training,” notes in the preamble the Pr Thomas Gregory, head of the orthopedic surgery department at Avicenne Hospital (AP-HP).

In fact, like airline pilots, who spend hours in simulators before taking control of an airplane, it seems essential for doctors to learn and perfect their skills through simulation before performing certain procedures on patients. A fundamental principle laid down in 2012 by the High Authority for Health (HAS) under the motto “Never the first time on the patient”.

Health simulation has therefore become ubiquitous in faculties and has revolutionized the learning of health professionals. “Immersed in conditions reproducing…

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