Hrithik’s mother Pinky Roshan is corona, told – virus has been in the body for 15 days, no symptoms seen

Corona’s new cases are not taking a name. Hrithik Roshan’s mother has been found to be COVID-19 positive after catching many TV and Bollywood syllabus. He has informed that the virus is on the border line. Test negative is expected soon.

The test of the family is done every 20 days
According to the report of our affiliate Times of, Rakesh Roshan is at his Khandala farmhouse. Hrithik’s family is completely cautious and Pinky is in isolation. When he talked to Pinky, he said, every 20 days we get Corona tested as a precaution. It tests our family members and staff. I have no symptoms and my doctors say that my yoga and exercise has helped a lot. However this means that I have been having the virus for about 15 days. We will get the test done again tomorrow, hopefully it will come negative.

Rakesh Roshan expressed hope to recover soon
Pinky told, “My mother, my daughter and my granddaughter Sunarika are with me and taking all precautions.” Rakesh Roshan told that Pinky’s count is very less. He will be tested again.


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